Jonathon Ogden

SQL Database Developer

Over 7 years of Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL database development experience with 2 years experience in technical project management directing a small team of game developers.

I develop solutions which are tailored to you and your business's needs. To achieve this, I want to discuss and immerse myself in your business.

It's not about the here and now, it's about the future. I don't settle for applying quick fixes. 

I will develop your project with a view to where your business is headed and what its future needs will be. By approaching your project in this way, you will have a solid foundation upon which your business's data will grow.

I pride myself on paying attention to detail, right down to how I write my SQL code - I treat it like art - and document it. I ensure that it is not only efficient, but readable, understandable, easy to maintain and build upon.

I am passionate about what I do, so much so that I regularly contribute on the Q & A website for computer programmers called, donating of my time and experience freely.

In my personal life, mountain biking, surfing and calisthenics play a big part. I am motivated to stay fit and healthy as I am conscious of being in a desk-job, so it's nice to step away - it encourages my creativity. 

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